Wednesday, October 16, 2013

A Day in the Life

I work for the federal government, and two weeks ago I deemed "non-essential" and was furloughed during the shut-down. I was getting stir-crazy (don't worry, there has be PLENTY of baking I'll be blogging about) and complained to my husband about it. He suggested that he plan a day for me and since I was running out of things to do, I readily agreed. So yesterday, I had a Ryan Day. Here's what was on the agenda:

Here's a break-down of how it went:

9:30 - run
10:15 - shower
Outfit for the day (per instructions):

10:30 - coffee and imgur
I wasn't sure if "Coffee - Dunkin" meant drink Dunkin Donuts coffee or drink coffee with Dunkin, so I did both:
 10:50 - Breaking Bad, episode 1
 Ryan put Breaking Bad on the list because he has been wanting to get me to watch the show and I have no interest (yes, I realize this makes me weird). My thoughts on this episode? The scene of Walt and his wife in bed after his surprise party was extremely uncomfortable. Yeah, not much else to add.

12:00 - Breaking Bad, episode 2, beer #1
I figured I'd just go ahead and get Breaking Bad out of the way. After episode 2 I was still not interested in the series. Ryan told me a just need to watch two more. I have a feeling after two more episodes, he'll just tell me to watch two more until I've watched the whole series. No thanks.

1:10 - lunch, beer #2, imgur
 Here's a snidbit of a convo between Ryan and me at this point:

how is it going?
Making grilled cheeses
I'm drunk after one beer so I need foods

this pleases me

I was going to order pizza but it was just soooo complicated
My stomach had not been feeling well before I had started my day, but I decided to go through with the day anyway. That, combined with the fact that I hadn't had anything in my stomach, cause me to go from 0 to drunk in one beer.
1:30 - Army of Darkness, beer #3 and 4
2:10 - Soup
Yes, straight from the container (yes, I heated it up).

This is how Army of Darkness went:

Army of Darkness takes place in medieval times?
am I watching the right movie?

oh yeah
are you sure this isn't Monty Python and the Holy Grail?
I thought he had a saw for an arm?
or is this not Ash

good lord what are you watching?

now he does
I swear he didn't have it before

yeah he didnt have it on for long in the begining when he was a 'slave'

oh just magically came back?

the wizard guy gives it to him
this movie is confusing
because beer
my confusion is partly because I took a bathroom break and didn't pause
I can't back that up
I didn't know what was going on before I went to the bathroom
he swallowed a tiny version of himself and now he has two heads?
I'm not asking for me, Dunkin wanted to know
omg the animation is TERRIBLE
it's like claymation?
no, claymation is better
And some of my favorite lines from the movie: 
"You know, your shoelace is untied."  
"Yo! She Bitch…Let's go."
"I've got a bone to pick with you." 
"Buckle up, bonehead, cause you're going for a ride."

3:10 - NAP
4:25 - beer #5 and imgur

4:40 - The Last Starfighter, beer #6
I could see why my husband loved this movie as a kid. A kid gets a high score on an arcade and then is recruited to fight in an intergalactic war. I'm sure every time Ryan played one of his games he thought it might be the day he got picked to join space war. While watching this, Ryan came home and we ate leftovers and my Ryan day was complete. I was sad I didn't get to play any video games, but overall, I think the day was quite successful.

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